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Dating online-

Female geek seeking other geeky lesbians

Local geek girl seeking other comic book reading, cartoon watching, Prachett quoting girl who likes girls. I write fiction, fan and original. I read voraciously, I watch Dr. Who, Torchwood, and quite a few others. I listen to a lot of different musics, I like wheat beers and cocktails on the rocks. I have short blond (with brown roots) hair, red converse and a Batman belt buckle. I'm five sixish, size eighteen, green eyes, peirced and gauged ears. An attempt at spelling crucial to all responses, but there's probably typos in this so an attempt is good enough.

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Pronouns and Sex.

So, being a writer on the internet (this is my side blog, if you can't tell by the vast stretches of nothingness) means you tend to run into other writers.

And lately, those other writers have been talking up a storm about sexual identity.

Because I think too hard about things.Collapse )

On a side note, a Woman I know is asking to be refered to with Male pronouns, and I intend to have a head ache and a lie down about this until I can get them straightened out in my head again.


NInja Assassin

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Ninja Assassin. Don't read this if you think that you want to be surprised by—

No. Calling them plot twists is seriously unfair to all the quality plot out there getting honestly twisted. I've seen episodes of Blue's Clues with more surprises. (Particularly the episode where you find out Steve is going to college, never to return. Since I believe Blue's Clues is a sort of complicated metaphor for an insane asylum, watching the lead inmate leave to live a normal life was quiet touching. Look, I'm a nanny, I've seen a LOT of Blue's Clues; I had to think of SOMETHING to keep from going mad.)

I'm going to be honest, I went to see this for Rain and violence. If you, like me, are a fan of Rain wandering around a set being sex-on-a-stick while in various stages of not really dressed, then I heartily recommend this movie. If you, like me, are a fan of violent scenes that are so over the top they wander into the Looney Tunes world of falling anvils and scattered limbs? Then I recommend this movie.

If you prefer meaningful films with deep, well-rounded characters, violence, good acting, sculpted abs and rad effects...

Go watch Fight Club. I'll wait.


Still good, isn't it?

On a side note, in the previews there was a review for a movie called Youth in Revolt, which looks like a Fight Club you don't have to watch twice. Since it is probably both Norton and Pitt-free, and instead has two Michel Ceras, I'll let you do the math there.

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It was AWFUL, but it was awful the way deep fried jalapenos and Krispy-Kreme hamburgers are bad. Tasty, tasty empty calories.

Nezu and I recommend going to see it, because Rain should be allowed to do more shirtless laundry in movies, and we don't care how much it costs to hire a crew to follow him around with a mister bottle full of oil.

We REALLY recommend smuggling in a bottle of your favorite spirit and liberally spiking your four-dollar soda with it. For starters, with a liberal amount of mental lubrication, you won't mind paying as much for a snack as you would for a meal at Burger King.

Secondly, the drinking game'd be easy.

Dead guy, take a drink. Black sand, take a drink. Limb hits the ground? Take a drink. Gouts of CGI blood? Take a drink. Rain's abs? Take a drink. Flashback? Take a drink. Every time the OMG SO BAD dialogue makes you snort? Wait till you calm down, and take a drink.

You should probably just pick, like, a few of those though, or you'll drink yourself to death.


 Let's dicuss, for a moment, the sport that is kareoke.

I'm fond of it, for starters. I like being quietly catty towards the bad singers, I like that first drink that's all the motivation I need to start looking for the song book, I like the fact that sometimes that slightly dumpy looking (don't even start, stripes and plaid is DUMPY) girl with the bad highlights can SING.

That's the whole moment. Kareoke time is oft combined with happy hour time and frankly I'm too fuzzy on the tide of margirita's to give a good god-damn about too much.

Will say this though-

Everyone should try it once. Pick a song you like, sing the hell out of it, sit down.

Drama Post is Drama

So I wrote a review the other day.

Wait. Rewind.Collapse )

Beer Review

Beer review: Orange Blossom Cream Ale

Imagine that, in this allegory, each of your taste buds is represented by a nineteen year old college girl.

The beer you are sipping, the one you have not tried before? That is the girls' first sorority party. They are excited, but... The first sip is not very orange scented. The girls solider on, because, well, beer is beer, and a party is a party, and okay the guys there aren't the stars of the sports team, but a water polo player never looks bad.

A few minutes more for you is the day after the party for the girls, and those sorority girls?

They had kept drinking, and now the party is over. They have a weird chemical taste in their mouths and they are reporting the sudden loss of their underwear to the police man that shall represent your brain.

Still with me? No?

Short Version: it starts out okay, but anything other than fresh-out-of-the-fridge cold means you taste chemical hell.

Really short version: tastes like ass.

Also tried: Apricot beer: also tastes of ass, but smells more like it should be good.


Erratic Ranting #1

 Glidden  is probably the only paint worth a damn, and if the salesman ever tries to talk you into buying primer for semi gloss going on semi gloss when you're painting it all the same damn color, tell them the GTL said he was a moron. 

The house is half done, maybe. I quite enjoy painting. You listen to music, you work with your hands, you talk with whoever you're working with. In this case, my mother.

Jobs where there are results are the best. Having a painted room to point at and say 'this is the sum of what I've done so far' is better than endless paper work.

In other words, MJ is dead, and I don't really care. I hope that it fades from the news cycle quickly.